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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Bio

Please support my indie music. If there's anything you can spare from your penny jar, please buy my .mp3 song downloads at or
--for the low, low price of 99 cents each. Thank you for your support.

Songs as .mp3 downloads are now available at all CD Baby affiliates' sites, such as iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Spotify, Zune, Thumbplay, Verizon V-cast, eMusic, etc. You can take my music with you, anywhere you go now. The "Urban Appalachian" video is still available for free viewing in its entirety on

You can also now add my music to your very own customized online radio station at

John Mayer owes me half a Grammy (remember that incident?) and some cash for lyric co-writing! Where is it?! ASCAP and SoundExchange are hanging up my dough.

Please CLICK THE TITLES of the songs in the Music section here to get each backstory.
You can double-click each thumbnail photo to see the whole photo.

You can link with my replacement MySpace page, LisaBandFriends. You also should now be able to follow or on Facebook, follow on Twitter as AmericnOriginal, and read writings other than songs at!

Lisa Breslin's are listenable through iTunes under "Pop," "Blues," and "Rock--Alternative," or at and and The Lisa Breslin EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is also available at

Lisa Breslin is a pop-rock songwriter, singer, blues-rock harmonica player, and wannabe recording producer and rock band arranger, wandering loose in Boston without a contract or straitjacket. Put a stop to this now. Contact me c/o the studio at at 617-267-4095, or write to me here at

Ken says that when we get all this stuff finished, with say, three family members of each person who played on these, we could sell as many as fifteen albums right there.

We're continually revising mixes and clips, so it might be worth checking out everything here in the Music section again, even if you already heard something a while back. Click on the song titles to read the backstories.

Credits as follows:

Most songs by or co-written by Lisa Breslin, except as noted.
Vocals and diatonic harmonica: Lisa Breslin.
Mixes by Ken Kanavos at Newbury Sound.
Most electric and acoustic guitars
and electric bass: Nate Christy of Casey Desmond's band.
Featured solo guitar: Tom Yates.
Drums: Jayme Tardiff of The Brightwings, or our secret, sneaky drum programming.
Dobro slide guitar on Urban Appalachian and Someday: Boyan Hristov.
Electric slide guitar on Wanderer: Andrew Khederian.
Some background vocals: Nate Christy.
Acoustic guitar picking on Urban Appalachian: Mark Nathanson.
Most tracks recorded by Nate Christy, and edited and mixed by Ken Kanavos.
Early-material recording interns: Tyler Meine, Mike Cataldo, Bill Hunter.

This was a fall 2007 gig:

Harpers Ferry, Allston, Mass.
10-11 p.m.
in BAHston, MA

Had a great time sitting in on one tune on harmonica at American Idol Songwriter finalist Christie Leigh's gig, at Harpers in beautiful downtown Allston on Sat., Oct. 27th. Every 20 or 30 years, they let me out to play. It was a small but appreciative crowd, and I'm still not quite deaf, so that was a good night. And the bartenders were in Halloween regalia, so they entertained us while we entertained them.

New words from the greats:
To paraphrase Herbie Hancock 9/28/07: "Music is not an end in itself. Music is a tool for human beings to use. Don't be a machine. Be a human being first." I'm working on that. It's not easy.

Please check out the MUSIC section in this site. It's mostly original and one cover, soft-rock, pop-rock, and maybe a taste of blues-rock and country. Blues stuff is coming. I used to hate a lot of pop, until I found out I was writing it, and I figured I'd better change my attitude.

WARNING: contrary to what the pix might indicate, I am NOT a guitarist! I'm a songwriter/harmonica player. Don't call me for any guitar gigs, or you'll be really sorry, because I might say yes, and then what will ya do? I'm just the writer on most of these. I'm one of those crazy penniless poets you've heard about. I write on guitar or keyboard. I can hack out a few chords. Don't shoot the harp player.

I did a little harmonica on the Bad Company cover ("Ready for Love"), "Wanderer," and "Funky Vamp" that you might like. Please click the music text links in the song titles to see credits. I normally play blues-rock and write soft-rock, but I also like to play on other people's funk and rock things.

Disclaimer: Nothing here is really finished, and I'm singing sick on some of the tracks which are still waiting to be rerecorded (due to time and cash constraints)--blah, blah, blah--but I think you'll like this stuff anyway. You can praise or insult me at my MySpace. No porno, please.

If the credits don't show on the main music page, click the title of the song to see them. No, for the 75th time, I did not write Bad Company's "Ready for Love." There's more info about me and my stuff at Most of the guitars and older engineering are by Nate Christy, and the production, arrangement, vocals and harmonica (which sometimes sounds like synth in the background) are about 99% by me. Early assistant engineers included Mike Cataldo and Tyler Meine. New mixing/mastering is by Ken Kanavos at Old drums are by Jayme Tardiff (of the Brightwings and Luke Mulholland), engineered by Nate Christy (of Casey Desmond). Whiz kid Mark Arroyo is featured on fiddle/violin on one song, and Tom Yates is featured on bangin' blues guitar on some others.

"Hard-Headed Woman" is by me; "So Make Believe" is by J. Dooling and me; "Urban Appalachian" is a silly song by me; "Ready for Love" is by Michael "Mick" Ralphs of Bad Company; and "Back to You" is by JCM and me. Ken Kanavos recorded most of and mixed "So Make Believe," and Nate recorded most of and mixed the others, pending remix. I produced everything to the best of my sleep-deprived and penniless ability.

Hey, it's the best some poor working stiffs can do in many short stints, with the change out of the sofa, not enough booze or coffee, and inadequate sleep. Surprisingly enough, recording studios and utility companies will not accept the lint from my pockets or random shiny objects as payment. Our dads aren't producers and don't own recording studios, and our moms kicked us out of the basement about ten or thirty years ago. If a music link or info link doesn't open for you, please take a deep breath and count to seven. Don't faint. (If you do faint, stay on the floor until you feel better.) If that doesn't work, click the desired song link again. If that doesn't work, you can tell me or tell Thanks for stopping by.

The basic description: Some people claim I'm a musician. Berklee College of Music begrudgingly agreed after they couldn't get rid of me for a long, long time.

My lyrics sound like those of a whole lot of different people--probably most like the lyrics of John Mayer. (More about that later.) Or sometimes Donald Fagen or Alanis Morissette (whom I don't really know personally). Other info at blog.MySpace/LisaBandFriends.

My so-called singing voice sounds something like these people who are better: Christin McVie, Tracy Chapman, Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Bonham, Gloria Estefan, Pat Benatar, Susan Tedeschi, Sheryl Crow, Paula Cole, Laura Nyro (dead), Karen Carpenter (dead), Cher (not quite dead yet). Or some nameless man. My speaking voice allegedly sounds like Jodie Foster. Or some nameless man.

Not to equate my playing with theirs, but my harmonica sounds something like: "Magic" Dick Salwitz of J. Geils, and Marion "Little Walter" Jacobs; influenced by Willie "Sonny Boy" a.k.a. "Rice" Miller Williamson, James Montgomery, Pierre Beauregard, and Josh Howell. I enjoy the smoking harmonica work of Peter "Madcat" Ruth (formerly of Dave Brubeck) and Howard Levy (formerly of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones). I prefer amplified and distorted harmonica to unamplified, though I've got a somewhat cleaner track here; and I play ordinary pocket-sized "diatonic" harp, not chromatic. (Don't sit on those.) No, I don't play the stringed harp, so please don't ask me to do a heaven sequence in a movie. Unless it's blues heaven. (There's a Boston-area website for electric stringed harp already: . Deborah's good. Go see her.)

I allegedly sometimes look like: Gloria Estefan, for no reason I can understand; or also occasionally reported, a slightly younger and not surgically altered version of Cher, again for no reason I can understand. (No, I have absolutely nothing against Cher.) In the photo with Herbie Hancock, I am doing an excellent impression of a drowned rat. (Yes, for better or for worse, what you see is what you get here. I'm really sorry for you.) (No, you don't literally get me.)

Please CLICK THE TITLES of the songs in the Music section to get each backstory. Lisa Breslin's songs will soon be listenable through iTunes under "Pop," "Blues," and "Rock--Alternative," or at, and and and and and . The Lisa Breslin EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is also available at .