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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Blog

Lisa's Nov. 2012 Update

Posted on November 11, 2012
Thanks for visiting here!

For any of those who know me somewhat, I should tell you a couple things. First of all, I lost my phone. If you need to reach me, please e-mail me at my "private" Yahoo address first, and I'll give you the temporary number, and sign into the Google line to receive calls on my laptop. I'll start finding and reloading people's numbers as soon as I can get a new phone.

Secondly, I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery on Nov. 7, 2012, but because of insurance issues, I have been rescheduled for surgery on Dec. 19, 2012. I need it partly because of the 2009 car accident, and partly because of apparently some long-term arthritis.

The main e-address here is ,
but admittedly, I don't check that often. At the studio number, while it lasts, someone might be willing to give me a message before they move: 617-267-4095.

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