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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

10-16, by LB (mastered v6.1)

(Lisa Breslin, Tom Yates, band; song by Lisa Breslin)
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Bright, happy medium-uptempo pop-rock.
Written c 2007 Lisa Breslin.
Produced, arranged, harmonica and vocals: Lisa Breslin.
Lead guitar: Tom Yates (Acton Jazz Cafe House Band).
Electric bass, electric rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar: Nate Christy (of the Casey Desmond Band).
Drums: Jayme Tardiff (Brightwings, Luke Mulholland).
Most instrumental tracks recorded by Nate Christy.
Vocals and lead guitar recorded and song mixed by Ken Kanavos at Newbury Media, North of Boston.
Did I finally manage to write some pop-rock? This was the "Love Song" I wrote later, after I first told them I wouldn't just write them a "Love Song" because they asked for one, and needed a better reason to write a "Love Song" (see the Sara Bareilles thing).
For some strange reason, I was happy and hopeful one day in 2007, and wrote "10-16" for my now former long-term co-writer John Mayer's Oct. 16th birthday. What was I thinking?!? Now he won't or isn't legally allowed to talk to me, since I've been letting the cat out of the bag. Such is the soap opera that is my life.