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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

Too Busy Being Fabulous; song by DH, GF, SS & LB; Vocal clip

(Lisa Breslin, vocals; song by D. Henley, G. Frey, S. Smith & L. Breslin)
Written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Steuart Smith & Lisa Breslin.
Vocal clip by Lisa Breslin. OK, the Eagles sound better than I do, but I've got their nice headphone leakage in the background here.
Not even I can get this anywhere but Wal-Mart. It's a great album, and I wish I'd written it all, but I only did a few lyric bits. And, uh, when will I be getting paid for this? I know they only set this up with JM to help me, but so far, no help has been forthcoming.
This is about a former co-writer and friend of mine (not an Eagle) who has completely disappeared out of my life. Umm, I'm not supposed to say exactly how the "fabulous" description should be taken...