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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

Back to You - Music by J. Mayer; Words by J. Mayer & L. Breslin (full band; mastered v2)

(Lisa Breslin; Song by J. Mayer & L. Breslin; guitar solo by Tom Yates)
Please buy this original AND licensed song download of my version of "Back to You" at, or at the iTunes Music Store, or Thank you.

This is the same tentative vocal I laid down several years ago, but now with a band under it.

Music by John Mayer; words written in 1999 by John Mayer and Lisa Breslin (as with many other songs John plays).
Vocals by Lisa Breslin.
Front picking guitar and solo by Tom Yates (Acton Cafe house band).
Rhythm guitars by Nate Christy (of Casey Desmond band).
Bass by Ken Kanavos.
Drums by Jayme Tardiff (of Luke Mulholland).
Early tracks recorded by Nate Christy.
Mixed and mastered, and later tracks recorded by Ken Kanavos of Newbury Media, Mass.

John and this and his/our other songs were first launched by WXRV-92.5 FM, Mass., and subsequently further promoted by WBOS-FM, Mass.
This is actually a co-write, not a cover.
If you still haven't figured it out, John is the common link with almost all the songs on my Hostbaby site that aren't solely mine, and the common link with WXRV and some WBOS artists.
We wrote the words together for most of the songs John does, or did; but because of the way we were introduced and set up by some well-connected con artists from inside the industry, I can't seem to get paid for anything. Still apparently under investigation. Unfortunately, pocket lint doesn't pay the bills.