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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

Something's Missing; song by JM & LB; Vocal clip

(Lisa Breslin, vocals; song by J. Mayer & L. Breslin)
This is a less distressed version of this clip than my last attempt. (John sings at the bottom of my range. Also--better.) Vocal by Lisa Breslin. Recorded by Ken Kanavos at Newbury Media in Wilmington, Mass. Headphone leakage by John Mayer & co. Music by John Mayer. Words by John Mayer and Lisa Breslin. Or Lisa Breslin and John Mayer. Though I wrote a lot of the words for this song, some of the words in the third verse here highlight John's particular brand of genius. I'd really like to get paid for this, though. Doing a new version of this full-length will require more money. If you have any spare change stuck under the radiator or fridge, please send it along.