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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

Hardheaded Woman, by LB (mastered v2.1)

(Lisa Breslin, band; song by Lisa Breslin)
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Determined, sweet, medium pop-rock/alt-rock.
c 2007 Lisa Breslin.
Thanks and apologies to Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, but this is a totally different song written, arranged, sung, and produced (and harmonica) by Lisa Breslin.
Recorded by Nate Christy and Ken Kanavos.
Guitars by Nate Christy of Casey Desmond's band.
Drums by Jayme Tardiff (Brightwings, Luke Mulholland).
"Hand" percussion programmed by Ken Kanavos and Nate Christy with Lisa Breslin.
Mixed and mastered by Ken Kanavos at Newbury Media.
Another sappy love song, kind of bluesy alt-rock.