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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

Wanderer by L. Breslin (mastered)

(Lisa Breslin and Tom Yates; song by Lisa Breslin)
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This is an original medium Chicago-style blues shuffle.
[No, this is not one of the many other songs called "The Wanderer."] This was supposed to be an initial "scratch" vocal so that the other musicians had something to play to; but we never got around to doing it again, and the guys liked it well enough, so you get it just as-is. P.S.: John Mayer still owes me for "As/Is," and other songs and albums.

Words, music, c 2006 by Lisa Breslin
Produced and arranged by Lisa Breslin
Harmonica and vocals: Lisa Breslin
Electric guitar rhythm and fills: Tom Yates of the Acton Jazz Cafe House Band
Slide electric guitar: Andrew Khederian
Bass and rhythm guitars: Nate Christy of the Casey Desmond Band
Drums: Jayme Tardiff (The Brightwings, Luke Mulholland)
Recorded by Ken Kanavos and Nate Christy
Mixed by Ken Kanavos at Newbury Media, Wilmington, MA