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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

Funky Vamp in D (mastered v2.1) [instrumental from "Killer Life" by S. Crow, B. Bottrell]

(Lisa Breslin and Tom Yates; Chords by Crow & Bottrell)
Please buy this licensed instrumental download of my instrumental based on "Killer Life" at or the iTunes Music Store or under "Lisa Breslin."
Thank you.
Medium funky blues-rock instrumental, suitable as movie background track.
This was derived from "Killer Life" by S. Crow and B. Bottrell.
No words, though.
We had a blast just grooving (yes, I'm that old) on this funky blues instrumental.
Lisa Breslin: harmonicas
Tom Yates: guitars (Acton Cafe house band)
Ken Kanavos: bass
"Drums" programmed by Ken Kanavos with Lisa Breslin
Recorded and mixed by Ken Kanavos at Newbury Media
Produced by Lisa Breslin