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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Music

Only Heart; Song by JM & LB; In progress

(Lisa Breslin and Tom Yates; Song by J. Mayer and L. Breslin)
This melody key is so far below my range, it's ridiculous. Only a couple harmonies and one lead vocal line are in my range. I think we're keeping it in John's key anyway to make it easier for the other players here. You'll get to hear a good song with Tom's playing, at least.
Music by John Mayer; words by John Mayer and Lisa Breslin.
Voices by Lisa Breslin.
Guitars by Tom Yates (Acton Cafe house band).
Bass by Ken Kanavos.
"Drums" programmed by Ken Kanavos.
Copy of Jack Joseph Puig's production, produced by Lisa Breslin.
In progress; recorded by Ken Kanavos at Newbury Media.