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Lisa Breslin and Friends: Press

Lisa Breslin - You have airplay!

Thank you again for returning a signed copy of our Independent Agreement allowing us to broadcast your music on WomensRadio and WomensRadio Independent Channel on Live365!!

We’ve chosen the following selection(s) from material that you’ve sent to our studios for airplay consideration, and would love for you to share this information with your audience, so that they can tune in to listen to your music, along with many other fantastic artists on WomensRadio!!

You can find your song, “Hardheaded Woman” in our current playlist on WomensRadio Independent Channel on Live365, which will air approx. 2X/Day until our next playlist update on July 15th, 2010!

Hint: The playlist is in alphabetical order, so if you’re listening for yourself, you’ll have a better idea of what’s coming up next.

You can listen in and promote your involvement with WomensRadio Independent Channel on Live365 by using the following URL: